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            Who We Are / Our Philosophy

            We focus on the special investment opportunities generated by Chinese economic restructuring and look to realize and promote the value of troubled assets through various measures.To construct a fair restructure proposal to protect and balance the interests of all parties involved, including creditor, borrower, shareholder, guarantors and possibly others, we carefully derive detailed disposal plans for each of the troubled assets and try our best to keep the ones that have operational value.


            Managing our core business base, NPA, we also gain access to other asset classes and create better returns by grouping different strategies and products. We have many disposal strategies, including but not limited to debt restructuring, recovery, resale, real estate operation and equity merger and acquisition.


            We are open and positive to business cooperation. We are willing to establish partnership with people from all walks of life, fostering joint platforms in order to realize the full potential of assets managed.Through cooperation platforms, we share investment opportunities and returns, and give our partners the chance to display their professional strengths.






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