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            What We Do / Special Assets Investment

            Acquisition and Disposal of Non-performing Assets

            We make acquisitions of non-performing assets by participating in bidding, auction, delisting and negotiated transaction from financial and non-financial institutions. Through judicial actions, transfer, compromise and debt restructuring, we gain cash earnings and assets with operating value. Relying on the institutional network of COAMC, we implement our business strategy across the nation.


            Financial Distress and Special Situation Businesses

            By using debt financing, equity financing, mezzanine capital and also bridge financing in necessary cases, we invest in financially distressed enterprises and undervalued assets. We help enterprises out of financial difficulties while improving their capital and asset structure.


            With-funding Business of Non-performing Assets

            We provide professional financing services for qualified investors of non-performing assets. As the general partner of limited partnership, COQAMC sponsors fund and completes assets acquisition for third party investors to carry out the disposal work. In a limited partnership setting, COQAMC subscribes for priority shares and other investors subscribe for posterior shares of investment to achieve cooperation and risk sharing.


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